#1 Orientation Class - - - - - - - - - - - $200

In orientation you'll meet our director, Nelson Jones and hear his amazing fashionasita story from young adult hood through the opening of TOPOP.

Orientation in person at the TOPOP offices and studio is usually done in a class type of atmosphere. The principle model and their family member, guardian, significant other, or friends are required to attend. Our director and team have done thousands of orientation groups, always closing in applause.

Nelson Jones introduces his team players from the Modeling Coordinator, Director of Promotions and Studio Director to the assorted cast of fashion stylist, make-up artist, photographers and support crew.

In orientation Nelson explains in detail the areas of employment TOPOP offers, he gives examples of each type of modeling employment TOPOP specializes in, he shows our client list and tells stories of first experiences with new clients like the very first time an executive from Folgers Coffee called the TOPOP office. Orientation is usually where a major slide show, with hundreds of former TOPOP model photos are presented, where our media kits are distributed and hundreds of real voided check stubs are passed in the audience for all to see.

Orientation is both exciting and fun as it's the introduction to TOPOP and the famous story of how Nelson created the name. For those that are serious about modeling and "Ready to Rock" there's no better place to start than TOPOP!

I have admired Nelson Jones' talent and drive from day one! I noticed right away that the Modeling business was not a fad which he was following, but that TOPOP was his way of life!

Through his personal ups and the downs, over a decade now he has stuck in there , and his business continues to grow and has stayed strong. Many have come and many have gone since I first meet Nelson Jones, but it is not secret that TOPOP is here to stay!

Thanks for helping me out on our projects (Shooting Entertainers for our Spring Fling Car Show in Atlanta) for my company and I look forward to doing business with TOPOP again in the very near future. Good luck, to you all aspiring to be in the entertainment business and using TOPOP, you can be confident as we at MJS, INC. Music believe, we'll look for you at the top!

Mike Swann
MJS, INC. Music