"I was working in a beeper and pager store on Buford Highway when I as discovered by Nelson Jones at the age of 17. I was for two years straight the #1 Hispanic TOPOP model for the agency and got the most paying jobs; including being a Corona Beer promotional girl and I was booked several times for Radio Mex an Atlanta radio station, among many other jobs.

Over the 4 years I modeled with TOPOP, Nelson became a great friend as well as my mentor. I grew to learn the business and later did both marketing and accounting for th e business. Listening to him and working as a professional model I gained confidence and met a lot of exciting people . All TOPOP models got along great, we were all like family back in the nineties.

I can remember the time that 8 of us met very early at 6AM to the TOPOP house, as we did a few times for big photo shoots. Nelson personally made us all breakfast and everyone just got to know one another and by the time we started our photo shoot at Hartsfield International Airport,(Rap Pages) we were laughing and enjoying ourselves.

Even though we had a 12 hour day everyone had a great attitude. I am glad I got to work with him, he is an amazing photographer and always professional."

Arianna Gonzales #1 Hispanic TOPOP MODEL 98-01.


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#5 Studio 101 (The TOPOP Modeling Concepts) - - - $500

From 'Call Time to a Wrap!'

Studio 101 is a highly praised class essential for beginner models. This class is accredited by many top professional studios and photographers at saving them time and expense boasting to their preferences of hiring TOPOP models!

In Studio 101 Nelson Jones explains the importance of a beginner model being introduced and becoming comfortable in a professional photography studio environment. He discusses exactly what a professional studio should have in it from what a stage is traditional light, what a mark is, how many feet a model should stand from the back-drop, what a head-light and back-light are to what the models' best angle is, the model learns what a light meter is and why they have become nearly obsolete and why this information is critical.

In Studio 101 Nelson Jones reviews his famous trademarked 'TOPOP Modeling Concepts'. These tried and proven materials dramatically enhance the beginner models' confidence and natural photogenic ability. The beginner model witnesses a complete team effort of professionals working toward their behalf and made to clearly understand the difference between On-Location work and In-Studio work and the importance of both.

Studio 101 is an essential part of the TOPOP program designed to educate the model to being confident in any professional studio environment.