What type of model is TOPOP looking for?
TOPOP Models only accepts All-American appearing male and female models of any ethnicity that are 15 –25 years of age.  Because we are not a fashion agency, we have no height minimum for girls. TOPOP males must be extremely physically fit and stand at least 5’10 with NO exceptions. Ethnic models, (Asian, Hispanic, African American & Mixed, Middle Eastern, Indian) are given priority, but we will accept new models who are articulate, outgoing, professional and punctual.  Professional models with paid modeling experience should submit their composite card and/or headshot along with their current resume.

Why does TOPOP not accept models over the age of 25?
Our founding partner, Nelson Jones, was trained as a model agent in 1995 by an successful agent named Maddie Pimetell. It was his professional experience that usually potential models, were most physically attractive between the ages of 15 to 25. Although there are a tremendous amount of incredible life experiences that happen during these particular years, upon reflection of an adult’s life, most certainly asset to the fact they were most youthful appearing during these years. We have found this age bracket to be our most marketable niche’ and remain firm to the belief that though a person ‘may look good for their age’ will never be as physically attractive as between the ages of 15-25 strictly.

‘Letters to Director’

Can’t I just stop by?
Sorry, no. We have a detailed step-by-step processes to applying with TOPOP besides we are not anti-social but are busy booking jobs, Internet marketing, telemarketing and in meetings Monday through Friday unless we have called you in for a scheduled appointment.  Please either use our bookings page to email or snail mail your submissions.

What’s your mailing address?
TOPOP Entertainment Inc.
TOPOP Model & Talent
Attn: Tamie Dang- New Faces Director or
Attn: Nelson Jones- Director
P.O. Box 190124
Atlanta, GA. 31119

How long has TOPOP been around?
TOPOP was founded in Atlanta, Ga. in the Olympic year of 1996. TOPOP is an experienced, licensed incorporated Georgia based business serving the Southeastern United States.

What are your office hours?
Our office hours are generally Monday through Friday  7 AM EST until 7 PM EST.  Although you can email us anytime as we guarantee response within 24hours. TOPOPnPCBeach@aol.com

If you’re an agency? Why do you charge anything?
In the state of Georgia, because the state laws for ‘agencies’ are written for the benefit of real estate agencies. It is common practice for ‘Modeling’ agencies throughout the United States and in particular the state of Georgia to verbally state that we are ‘agencies’ though are usually licensed as either model management, production, marketing or entertainment companies. There are as many different practices in the modeling industry as there are businesses in the world.

We’ve seen more modeling “agencies” go out of business than we care to count; thankfully we at TOPOP are still in business and have never changed our basic formula. We never were a ‘traditional agency’ in the sense of only making commissions from the assignments we procured.
TOPOP since our conception has sold entertainment photography to commercial clients, developed and sold a comprehensive training program AND acted as a traditional agency by both sending our models to legitimate castings, auditions, open calls and go sees while collecting a commission from the assignments we procure for TOPOP models. TOPOP though we make money from training beginner models has attained over 45% of all TOPOP models paying assignments since 1996. The proof is in the pudding and we can prove it! TOPOP is 100% Legit’!

What does TOPOP charge?
TOPOP charges both potential beginner models and professional model candidates $30.00 for TOPOP Orientation. Orientation is a 3 hour comprehensive meeting which covers the history of TOPOP, including the viewing of iconic images Nelson Jones has produced over the years, the famed photo of Eddie Van Halen for Rolling Stone, Christina Augerila for M.T.V., and the Destiny’s Child shot for People magazine, the photo of Biggie Smalls a month before his death, Tyra Banks among hundreds of others. All paperwork including application & questionnaire, where applicants receive their own TOPOP Media package, while showing hundreds of voided check stubs and real closed modeling deals. Orientation ends with an hour spent reviewing the TOPOP Policies Statements covering all TOPOP basic rules to how and when the model gets paid.

TOPOP has basically 4 Tiers:
It is NOT mandatory though TOPOP strongly suggests that beginner models, as defined by TOPOP whom posses no professional images, no paid modeling experience or knowledge of edict on castings, partake in full or in part the TOPOP Program (With the full TOPOP Team) at a cost of $700.00. Only a quarter of that amount is due at the time of program, with the balance being broken into installments.
It is NOT mandatory though TOPOP strongly suggests that limited experience models, as defined by TOPOP whom posses variations of some non-professional images, paid &/or non-paid modeling experience or knowledge of edict on castings partake in full or in part TOPOP Program (With half TOPOP Team) at a cost of only $400.00. Only half of that amount is due at the time of program, with the balance being broken into installments.

Limited Semi-professional models & Professional models, as defined by TOPOP are those whom have done any paid modeling preferably in different categories example, 2 paid fashion shows, 1 promotional, 2 commercials, etc. Potential professionals will always be able to remit at orientation a current industry resume with 10-15 composite cards and or headshots.

Potential professional models other than $30 Orientation fee are never solicited for any TOPOP Program whatsoever and pending they elect to do any update upon images or partake in the coveted TOPOP class ‘How 2 Get the Job from Castings, Auditions, Open Calls or Go sees are charged only $200.00 (Limited TOPOP Team). Only half of that amount is due at the time of program, with the balance being broken into an installment.

NOTE: After a TOPOP Model has completed any TOPOP Program, partial or in full is NEVER formally charged for anything ever again, or asked to do more program for the life of their career with TOPOP Models.
“Once a TOPOP Model, ALWAYS a TOPOP Model!”

TOPOP does have a ‘Freebie-Tier’, TOPOP is extremely selective as a rule of thumb however there are individual potential TOPOP models perspectives that are extremely physically attractive where TOPOP is flexible with both the TOPOP Orientation fee and TOPOP Program charges. These individuals must exhibit what we refer to as ‘Star- Quality’, asked to sign an exclusive modeling contract and adhere strictly to all TOPOP rules, policies and procedures for the life of their career with us.

These individuals we consider our ‘Core-Models’ meaning they meet all of requirements and usually are extremely unique & marketable, example Asian males, Hispanic speaking females, commercial white female, or ripped African male etc. Please never ask us, as these individuals are told they are ‘Core-Models’ and routinely must prove that they are financially challenged.

NOTE: After becoming a TOPOP Model there will be many opportunities to gain FREE images by volunteering time as a co-model with another model on their ‘Test-shoot’ or by participating in a Spring/Summer TOPOP Campaign or Themed Shoot. These shoots are FUN and they are our annual time that large groups of TOPOP Models are able to work with each other both allowing clients to see them in a group campaign, quickly building their confidence and their own personal books.

Will TOPOP use the photography-images I already have?
Of course! That is a key way to tell a scam from a legitimate company, as we will always use professional photography that a potential model may already posses. If the images are quality images that show the models face clearly falling within the 5-6 composite card elements we will most definitely use them. ; )

Does TOPOP accept & manage talent and if so what does TOPOP do with them?
Of course! Our experience and scope with talent is much more limited than say with models. Nelson Jones has never considered TOPOP in the music business however he has meet or made relationships with producers and/or performers such as Dr. Dre. Christina Aguerila, Too Short, Staind, Dallas Austin, LA Reid among others. TOPOP has successfully procured discounted studio time for music artist, placed our artist in televised showcases, had their music professional shopped, produced CD cover photography, produced P/R packages and presented artist to both local and major recording companies. TOPOP does except music and dance talent submissions, regularly, requirements will be found in the bookings page.

TOPOP primarily does preliminary management of these artists including their P/R packages and presenting them to both minor (local) and major recording companies. It is TOPOP’s intent to professional package artist to ‘give away’.

Is Nelson Jones a famous photographer & what’s he like in person?
Nelson Jones is a nationally renown and published entertainment photographer with a primary residence in Brookhaven a community in Atlanta, Ga. He in fact works a portion of very day to build upon past successes while taking the growth and direction of TOPOP Entertainment seriously. He prides himself on positive relationships with clients, hundreds of models & their parents and the general public. A Zagat information system indicates that Nelson Jones has apex. nearly 100,000 fans in the United States alone, with apex. 60,000 worldwide with millions having seen his published work.

How often does TOPOP do an Orientation?
TOPOP does orientations irregularly based on participator’s volume and then in a class type of atmosphere where each participate is required to bring someone with them. It is mandatory that the TOPOP Models prospective be on time without exceptions! TOPOP Orientation’s are always at 9AM either on a Saturday or a Sunday. After the submission process, detailed in the bookings page, the model receives an acceptance letter entitled TOPOP Orientation.

What is the difference between Rock Promotion Girls and Traditional TOPOP Models?
Nelson Jones an experienced Rock photographer; TOPOP has done long-term freelance work with local Rock radio stations creating positive relationships. Rock promo girls are usually hired directly by TOPOP Entertainment for the purposes of promoting our Entertainment photography division. Sometimes an outside client, example PowerAde Beverage Company may hire the TOPOP Rock promotion girls, where the requirements will be different though the nature of the assignment experience similar.

Because Rock promo girls come in direct contact with musical entertainers (Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and Rap) and often work backstage, VIP and green room areas. Their interview process, attitude, attire, (tennis shoes, high heels, short-shorts, Boy-shorts, Baby-Doll T-shirts) with public contact being much different than traditional promotions that come from our Model Management division. Traditional TOPOP Modeling rarely uses TOPOP Models as Rock promo girls nor encourages TOPOP entertainment assignments; as all TOPOP Model management assignments are of a traditional nature. Rock Promotions are not viewed by TOPOP as traditional modeling assignments. Rock promo girls must be strictly 18 years of age or older, posses a working telephone, dependable transportation, a extremely shapely toned body, comfortable with their sexuality companied by a bubbly positive, ‘Rock n’ Roll’ attitude.

Does TOPOP do any Nude Photography?
Absolutely Not! Never has and never will. TOPOP Model management deals with a large amount of attractive underage models and although one of the key composite card elements is Lingerie/Swim Suit only do this work upon models with parental consistent and then only when age appropriate.

NOTE: TOPOP does practice a professional term called T&A. Which stands for ‘Top or Assets’, = ) basically meaning that when the models top is either non-bare or upper torso partial visible then below the torso is not visible at all and vice versa. Though a model may appear partial nude, they are not. Example a female model is shot in a wet T-shirt, while washing a car. The areola’s are visible through the tee, with the lower torso covered by the angle of the car. Opposite example; A female model is shot in a thong outfit from behind on a beach setting, with the upper body covered by the sand or waves. Either the top or the bottom are accentuated clearly for the viewer and then only with parents’ permission and only when age appropriate.

TOPOP has never and does not shoot any pornography, straight nudes, partial nude, implied nudes, figure study, or what is commonly referred to as “Booty-Glamour’ photography. TOPOP Entertainment photography is a completely separate division from TOPOP Model management and produces on a per client bases entertainment photography which never uses, promotes or involves TOPOP models nor is considering “modeling” employment.

Has TOPOP ever made anyone famous or have any famous models-actors that I would know their name?
Of Course! The two former TOPOP Model-Actors have gone onto greater success are Scott Lewis a professional actor whom got his start with TOPOP back in 1998, moved onto N.Y.C. establishing himself as a television actor seen in hundreds of films and television shows. Scott Lewis is now a feature film director with H.B.O.! Teresay Drape Jones another professional actress gaining her start with TOPOP also in 1998 has done major dramatic Hollywood film roles.

TOPOP is created to and swiftly becoming a “Urban Barbizon” with small unit locations around the country in, out of the major city areas which are quickly growing. For example a typical TOPOP location is in Alameda, Ca. verses San Francisco, Panama City Beach, Fl. Vs. Miami or Long Beach, Ca. vs. Los Angeles therefore our greatest successes will always come from a “local” market.

We at TOPOP are truly blessed, as it is our honor and pleasure to simply assist serious young people in their quest to learn and attain real paying assignments in the modeling field.

TOPOP is only a success as TOPOP models continue to get paid modeling & acting assignments!