"Father God, bless me to bless myself, bless me to bless other's with my profession, bless me to see pass my selfish intentions and have my name associated with the best of my decisions." Nelson Jones
"Back when I was 15 & all that I cared about was getting away from the little kids at beach-break. Take my board & swim far pass point break- near the buoy to prove I wasn't afraid.
Drop in on a lip, hang ten on an overhead, switch foot, catch a tube, stick my tongue out and act a fool- Back when I didn't know anything about girls or that black boys don't surf."

Nelson Jones
"Intelligence is learning how to listen; intelligence understands when not to speak."
"In my fifty years the greatest travesty with aging I've found is, ...you only continue to look good; if it matters that you look good...  pretend it matters every-single-day never give up for any reason at any age."  Nelson Jones 
" I am from CALIFORNIA. I could not depend on someone else's life experiences. My heroes are my heroes, I looked up to them. I grew up very fast, I gravitated towards everything I thought was fun."  Nelson Jones 
"For if Man knew he was asleep on a vicious and bloody Battlefield, surely he would spend his entire life, on his knees." Nelson Jones "I don't have to hear a song in passing to begin the Rock radio station in my head playing, a hundred songs filtered for the fluidity of every mood of every second of every day and it's been this way since, I was eleven years old." Nelson Jones ."
"TODAY!... today because what you do today you think is enough, what you do today you'll practice again tomorrow and that's why TODAY is so critically important."   Nelson Jones 
"Even if your life ended today, in this moment, suddenly and unexpected all you could say thank you!?! Thank you, Father God, thank you, for the life I did have."  Nelson Jones "
"The greatest mistake I've seen with young ppl is they're always trying to do everything really quickly, never ever correctly. They want only to be The Star, when stardom is one in a million and when the power & longevity of a career are both behind the camera. They can run around & around for years chasing their tails but understand the real Entertainment Industry, is based upon relationships; nothing else."  Nelson Jones 
"How you see the world and how it interacts with you; is directly equivalent to the energy ~you bring."
"Luxury is a state of mind; it begins with being taught to take pride in cleaning up your room." 
Nelson Jones
"Father God, bless me to bless myself as I grow older and Lord please bless my focus. Bless my thinking to be that of an owner and Lord most of all, bless my efforts, my energy and my results with ~TOPOP."  Nelson Jones 
"A few more than forty, in the decade since the prettiest girl in town left me~ A homeless junkie, forced to rebuild his life back, from absolutely ~nothing. Half rocking, half fashion// half glamour, half madness- I'm so very grateful not to have OD'ed, that, last time."  Nelson Jones 
"I remember when nobody could pronounce Versace or Armani; when the height of fashion for Black men was Pierre Cardin & Stacy Adams'. I remember when Time magazine called it "The Designer Jeans Wars!" When Gloria Vanderbilt was the 1st to shock e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e! I remember when a snot-nose Bi-sexual kid stole his 1st Cody, after he begged this actress turned model to take off her panties, showing off her ass, in his new Calvin’s. I remember when Ralph Lauren took a Sear's golf shirt & put a Polo player on it... That's why I'm happening~ because occasionally they honor my knowledge & interpretation of fashion." Nelson Jones s
"I've suffered so many terrible disappointments, it's completely diminished my faith in people; it’s changed my speech and it's changed my prayers equally."  Nelson Jones 
“Father God, thank for this completely furnished home, a home I can easily afford and maintain with longevity, positivity, laughter and consensual sex, in this place  in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”
In college at Tuskegee Institute, my work was accepted into the esteemed Honors Review for exemplary Poetry & Prose both 1983 & 1984.
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