TOPOP requires company verification on all potential model clients, in the form of a P/R (Press Release) or Media Kit. These include but are not limited to press articles, newspaper clippings, resume's (personal resume's of the Director, Ast. Director, or Board of Directors) any demographics, speciality, letterhead with representatives names, company address, working telephone numbers, facsimile number, client list, references with telephone numbers (Previous Client's) or any and all company biography information.

TOPOP requires all potential beginner models receive and complete (3) paid/ or non-paid modeling assignments prior to being "Signed" to an Exclusive TOPOP Modeling Contract. It is TOPOP policy to usually sign only our beginners to exclusive contracts; as they are most educated by the complete TOPOP program.

All TOPOP models are required to sign, date and complete a TOPOP Application & Questionnaire. All TOPOP models are required to abide by a TOPOP Policies Statement prior to any bookings on behalf of TOPOP Model Management.

All TOPOP potential professional models and TOPOP professionals are required to sign an Non-Exclusive TOPOP Modeling Contract.

TOPOP policy only considers professional models as having completed (4-5) various paid modeling assignments; preferably in different categories. They must possess a current industry resume, professional composite card(s) or Head shot(s)  { Able to remit 20-25 to a TOPOP representative at the initial meet } along with both the TOPOP All-American Ethnic Hollister Appeal and the TOPOP positive attitude.

TOPOP professional females, must be at least 5'8 - 5'12 at no more than 120 pounds. TOPOP professional males, must possess a lean to a muscular build, standing no less than 5'10 - 6'4 weighing no more than 160 pounds.

TOPOP policy is that every TOPOP Model, upon request may request and view the signed contract on any assignments of which they part-take.

TOPOP policy is that, upon request, a copy of any literature the model must sign can and will be photo-copied for any TOPOP model in good standing.

It is TOPOP policy to respond professionally to and or file every legitimate business email and telephone call within a calendar-week period.

It is TOPOP policy to engage repeatedly by email and telephone any company soliciting the general public for the purposes of employing persons as models.
It is TOPOP policy to remain relentless and successful in our efforts to both employ and protect the interest of each TOPOP model in good standing.
It is TOPOP policy to charge life with the Surfer's code of an "No-Fear" attitude, employing negative references via our extensive modeling network and legal representation for the purposesof never backing down to legitimacy inquires or challenges.

TOPOP policy states our primary model focus are Commercial, Promotional, Print, Music Video, Trade and Event modeling assignments with Ethnic (People's Of Color) with the TOPOP trademark All-American Hollister Appeal; Ages 15-26 ONLY.

TOPOP Core females are usually under 5'7 with height & weight proportionate, excellent facial features, including skin, eyes, teeth, clean healthy and natural appearances at all times.

TOPOP Core males are no less than 5'10 (mandatory) with height & weight being proportionate, excellent facial features, they must posses and maintain an appropriate muscular lean build at all times.

It is TOPOP policy that all current models call in once a week with NO EXCEPTIONS. All TOPOP models must know & understand the "3 Golden Rules of the Modeling Business" .




It is TOPOP policy that all under aged TOPOP models must possess and maintain an academic grade point average of no less than 3.0. Each under aged TOPOP model is required to remit a copy to TOPOP per semester end for verification.

TOPOP policy is to screen all transmissions to models, forwarding information in whole, tarries approval of model, replies on be half of model, negoiates all terms on behalf of model, making recommentdations to model and tranacts all aspects of bookings on behave of all TOPOP models and referrals. Our clients will never come in contact with or comminucate with TOPOP models prior to a casting, audition, open call, go-see or actual empolyment.

TOPOP policy is to have both an Headbook and Headsheet for our client use at all times with our core composite relevant at all times. 1/4 Asian decent, 1/4 African American decent, 1/4 Hispanic decent, and 1/4 Mixed, Mulatto or Cacuasian (European decent).

It is TOPOP policy NOT to part-take in any Club promotions, castings in nightclubs, or any venue, deemed unprofesional ( where the models can not be viewed cleary and or interviewed without distractions ). TOPOP does not do "Exspoure Only" assignmnets reguardless of the nature, celebrity invoulement or endorsesments, scope, or perks verses compensation.

TOPOP policy requires all females used for 'Rock Promotions' to undergo extensive telephone screening. They must be comfortable with their sexuality and physical bodies during extensive contact with celebrities in an exclusive entertainment atmosphere Ex. BackStage, Green Room, V.I.P.;
while representing both Rock photographer Nelson Jones and the TOPOP Entertainment division. These models are not included with traditional TOPOP models; excluding music videos assignments.

TOPOP policy is that TOPOP and TOPOP Model Management division does not produce, or condone any NUDE photography, semi-nude or implied; TOPOP's limit is referred to as T&A where the model is partial clothed at all times. Any TOPOP model part-taking in conceptualized glamour work also known as "Booty-Modeling" is subject to immediate termination.

TOPOP requires at least a 2 week notice towards any castings, auditions, open calls, go sees or assignments.

TOPOP is open (M- F)  7AM- 7PM  Free standing office hours may be subject to change.
TOPOP does primary program classes and production shooting on Saturday's and Sundays 10AM- 10AM.

It is TOPOP policy before ANY direct contact is made from model; all potential submissions send at least (2),  and no more than (5) photographs for review.

1) Photograph must be an head shot (FACE) where the models face, with or without M.U. is clearly seen.
2) 3/4 Length from head to above the knee OR Full Length, meaning from head to toe where the models body is easily seen.

TOPOP will not view, Non- Modeling exterior links; Ex. Myspace. Facebook.

Along with photographic submissions the model must submit complete sentences, forming at least one paragraph stating interest along with full name, age { real age- NEVER AGE RANGE }, weight, height, TELEPHONE NUMBER and "Stat's" ( Status- also known as Measurements ) Brassiere size, Waist size, and the fullest part around models bottom hips for females.
For males "Stat's" are the shirt neck size, pants waist size, shoe size, and jacket size.

It is TOPOP policy to reply favorably or not favorably, or file for contact at latter date every time.

For further TOPOP Policies, excluded or questions, please feel free to email us atModelCoordinator@TOPOPentertainment.com