TOPOP is a for profit business, we justify revenue based upon the following bases.

TOPOP creates revenue from three individual aspects:

1) Entertainment photography sales toward commercial publications & private sector use.

2) Training & Distribution of the TOPOP Modeling Program both On-Site and OnLine marketing sales.

3) Commission from the procurement of modeling assignments secured for the benefit of TOPOP Model & Talent.

TOPOP charges nothing for walk-in appointments which are Thursdays from 2- 4PM. If this model is tardy for a confirmed appointment with TOPOP and/or has to reschedule this appointment we charge the prospective model $50.00 USD

If this model does reschedule this payment is made prior to their next appointment and non-refundable. The this model does not payor reschedule then they are immediately dropped in consideration of becoming a TOPOP model for a period no less than one calendar year.

TOPOP requires the model to appear both on our company website at www.TOPOP and within the company head book for the duration, of their tenure with TOPOP.

After the initial completion of their TOPOP program the model will appear on the company website and company head book for a 3 month period complementary. There after the model will be charged either monthly at a cost of $20.00 or $100USD annually.

TOPOP charges both out of state models and all unsolicited model submissions/queries by email or general mail $30.00USD per 4 photographs. A prospective model may submit up to 4 photographs on an 8x10 laser copy page at the same fee; which is non-refundable and not returnable whether the model is accepted or denied admittance into the TOPOP program.

Submissions can be mailed to
or RE: Submissions TOPOP P.O. BOX 190124 Atlanta, GA. 31119

TOPOP charges an application& package fee via online or snail mail of $30.00 USD which guarantees the model receives a TOPOP application& questionnaire, TOPOP Policies Statement and the TOPOP Press Kit/Media information with a self addressed stamped envelope.

Both the TOPOP application and Policies Statement must be completed, signed and returned within the provided self address stamped envelope within 30 days of the postmark to remain valid.

TOPOP Entertainment Photography rate are as follows:
TOPOP requires a deposit on all bookings of half the total amount quoted and/or agreed upon; made payable no less than 2 weeks prior to any event with the balance to be paid in full at the conclusion of the event or at the time the photographic package is received.

Basic photography rate are $1500.00 USD per full day rate (8-10hrs.) or $750.00USD per half day rate (6hrs.or less), which includes TOPOP team services, Make-Up Artistry, Fashion and/or Hair Stylist, Art Direction and Photographic assistant(s) where applicable.

TOPOP Entertainment Photography rates are negotiable with all areas of photography services applying.
TOPOP Model Production division, rates are NOT negotiable.

TOPOP Model Production charges a (One Time only- TOPOP never requires any additional mandatory charges of TOPOP models ever again!) charge of currently $700.00 USD for the TOPOP Modeling Program which includes 7 classes. Orientation, Model Release& Contracts, Make-Up & The 3 C's of fashion Styling, The renown TOPOP Modeling Concepts, STUDIO 101, Photo Critique & Review, and How 2 Get the Job from casting, Auditions, Open Calls, and GoSees.

The TOPOP Modeling Program also includes a photography Test-Shoot; the model receives 40-50 High Resolution digital images on a CD with 5-10 "Cleaned". The model receives (1) 8x10 'Money Shot' signed by Nelson Jones with a TOPOP Copyright information decal.

TOPOP Model management charges clients 20% commission on the total of the bill.

TOPOP Model management charges the TOPOP model a standard 20% commission which is deducted prior to the model receiving the balance. TOPOP does reduce model rates upon certain criteria, including model's punctuality, extreme positive attitudes, exemplary behaviors, tenure and for performing internal TOPOP marketing or accounting service.

TOPOP charges TOPOP Referrals; those defined as potential TOPOP model material though have not completed or partially completed the TOPOP Program 25% on all booked modeling assignments until they have completed the TOPOP program.

TOPOP charges professional models, those defined as having the All-American youthful Hollister Appeal and positive attitudes accompanied by 5 or more paid modeling assignments in one or more industry categories'. Professional TOPOP models understand and adhere to the TOPOP 3 Golden Rules of Modeling and posses' credits from pervious assignments with an active resume.

TOPOP professional models can and will remit, upon an initial meeting 15-20 Composite Cards or Headshots upon request.

TOPOP professional models are charged a one time non-refundable, application and package fee of $30.00 USD. Pro's are NOT required to part-take in whole or part the TOPOP program or do any additional Test-shooting or photography.

In the event a TOPOP professional model does want to do a TOPOP Test shoot or any TOPOP classes, for update purposes, they are charged a total of $200.00 USD. During summer months only, both to deemphasize monetary concerns and acquire the very best potential ethnic teenaged model& talent TOPOP discounts' our standard program cost of $700.00 to $200.00 USD.

These offers are by appointment only; the model receives 4 limited classes, with Make-up & In-Studio work not included.

TOPOP Model Production company rarely does (T.F.P.) (Trade for Proofs/Prints) (FREE) work and when so by exclusively appointment only. These shoots are usually reserved for straight commercial publication, Fashion/Glamour- Specialty Themed Shoots or in regards to Celebrities portraiture only.

TOPOP pays a $25.00 USD referral fee to TOPOP models in good standing, towards referrals excepted into the TOPOP Program by confirmation of their deposit.

For further Rules, Procedures, Policies, or Definitions please feel free to email us atAccounting/ .