Sunday Morning.
Orange juice or Coffee.
Bacon and Sausage,
...should both be made from pork, scrambled eggs should have Cheddar cheese in 'em with a dash of garlic salt and your pastries, well your pastries can be whatever you want.  
Nelson Jones
I spent years tutored and protected by Nuns, the Catholic school boy-
in uniform.
I've been the Ice cream boy at Thrifty’s and the black surfer.
I've been the life guard and a camp counselor, the head waiter and the bartender,
even several stints as the fast-food manager and ultimately the Modeling Agency owner but the role  I've loved most was purely being myself,
Nelson Jones
Rock 'n Roll photographer.
" I allowed the people to pet me, only to prove I can be gentle-
Being careless & selfish, they got agitated when it was my turn to feed-
Often they forget how far from shore they are, off, in the ocean.
One small scratch produced, one drop of blood, as the protective membrane covered my eyes-
The frenzy turned into a freaking slaughter-
it's not my fault and I am not sorry."
I will survive,
Like a Disney tale...
A grand magical speaking, beautiful dark black, stainless lacquered mirror which only caste reflection upon beauty standing before it.   
It's where I was born, it's where I'll expire~
In the most stressful situations of my adult life, it's where my mind wanders.
A few more Beaches to surf, I'll surrender my Spirit~
Three-fourths of the surface, it could cover the Earth three times over.
There is no excuse not to know how to swim; Step into Liquid.
There's a difference between bikini- lingerie & glamour photography and what we do, as its our intent to sell the model not necessarily the photography.
Now-a-days, girls entering our industry their very first photographic shoot they're wanting & willing to be nearly nude to mimic A.N.T.M. style images!
Their short frustrated stints in modeling reflect this; you've gotta approach this like any other business... LEARN WHAT YOU'RE DOING!
Halston sought to emulate Charles James, Calvin Klein sought to emulate Halston
and Michael Kors emulates both Ralph Lauren and's all one big circle...
…and the reason why we spend so much time thinking about this stuff you find so silly is because you need clothes to work out the door in.
Find Me.
 [Written for my daughter, Tamie Dang]
Where ever there's a summer's day, with a beach view and waves crashing,
Where ever there's youthful laughter, where ever there's morning's of love making with a faint whiff of scrambled eggs & orange Danish baking,
Where ever the radio is stuck on a soft rock 'n roll station,
where ever there are joggers into Sunrise or Sunsets, linen on skin and toes dug in sand,
carefree lounging on cotton-candy colored sheets, giggling and the watching of old movies,
Where ever Sinatra, an excellent bottle of  Merlot and fine  dining meet-
is that I write you this morning my love,  in this my fifth year or upon my passing, you Booger and your grandchildren's children can always, --find me.
Rich. Silky smooth like Godiva dark chocolate. Blemishless, like a Newborn baby’s bottom.
So when we meet in person, let's agree to respect one another; please don't ask my age or mention my FACE.
First, came their greatest joy, their dreams and their highest aspirations.
Second, came their complacency, their everyday realizations.
Third, came their greatest fears, their hopes deferred, their faults,
that we remember,
There is no number, before the number one.
At some point, all the small-talk will be over and Life sensing how very excited you are, will coyly bump herself against you and ask, "Would you like a dance?!"  Got Money?!
Initially, I was disgraced & deeply offended because I felt God was terribly mistaken, having thrown me into a barrel full of snakes.
Thirty years later it is only now I understand I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I'm supposed to be doing, that in fact, my very diet of snakes and my livelihood is dependent on my survival--in this barrel.
King Cobra.
It’s my ultimate civil right, to immerse myself into my talent and solely my interest.
To romance and photograph only the young and beautiful, successfully market them  with camera in hand, being muse to music and longing to live within it.
To live in a sense of luxury seeing High-art in fashion and beauty in everything.
Outside of Rock 'n Roll, Fashion & Modeling  I feel feeble minded & incompetent~
and in these subjects I am rarely challenged, so may I be granted this small gesture of respect and addressed by my whole name, Nelson Jones.
In 1974, my family moved from the rougher part of East Oakland
near San Leandro up into the Oakland hills. We were the third African American family to do so, in our all white neighborhood on a private street; My baby brother Kenneth was just seven, I was ten years old. When I was 12, I saw a Cheerios television commercial being filmed at the corner of our street. There were two little kids, a white boy and girl, riding a Magic carpet made of cardboard coming down the hill, laughing hysterically!!!! as if it was the funiest day of their lives. These are the experiences that shaped me.
In college at Tuskegee Institute, my work was accepted into the esteemed Honors Review for exemplary Poetry & Prose both 1983 & 1984.
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