Smolden butterfly afloat fields of lavender & folly-Toils his two hour existence away for the chance to pollinate the prettiest flower. I'm about the flower-  
Nelson Jones
Just A Man

Oh! How I often I wish, I was a better Man; my hopes my dreams my desires more noble, more heavenly.

Then I think about her pretty face, her laughter, her laying aimlessly on my bed; its then I'm reminded, ~I'm just a man.
Professional modeling at its essence is about rejection-
How many times can you be told no before you lose self-confidence or give up interest.
Professional modeling is about an ultra-clean and healthy, well toned, height-to-weight proportioned look-
How well you represent a client's view of their consumer, how strongly will their demographic be sexually attracted to you.
If the casting or model search will take any & everyone; are they really looking for models?
If the people running the casting or model search don't appear clean, healthy, fit or toned would they know what "models" look like?
Models, watch everything they eat!
Models, never ever eat fast food!
Models, work out every day!  Because....
A model's very product--is their face & body!!!
When I was a boy I read fashion magazines.
When I was a teen I did books of sketch's; in high school being GQ
meant e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

In college Mom screamed she wasn't gonna pay for no Faggot-Fashion Design classes; had to sneak & take 'em & not once did she ever encourage this.

It wasn't until I picked up a camera & beautiful models responded, I really knew...

Go with your child's strengths;
even if it seems weird to you.

Nelson Jones
I'm the eternal kid, laughing in a Jacuzzi on beach front property;
Like Sunshine trapped in a bottle, beautiful girls have always been about me and the truth is I never really left California~ I just bought it with me.
A custom made, cotton candy colored Porsche Cayman with butterscotch interior.
It's not polite to stare; posh girls can't wear panties after total body-waxes.
As her heels go clickity-clack & she slowly enters the passenger door, as I zip off all you'll see at
0 to 60 in six seconds was...  the license plate said, T-O-P-O-P.
Titty-Titty// Strutty-Strutty
You already know you're very pretty.
Titty-Titty// Strutty-Strutty
You know how to polish wood, you've got a real tight kitty.
Titty-Titty// Strutty-Strutty
Slow down baby you're only twenty-one, you're not smarter than a-n-y--body!
Titty-Titty, Strutty-Strutty
In college at Tuskegee Institute, my work was accepted into the esteemed Honors Review for exemplary Poetry & Prose both 1983 & 1984.
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