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The TOPOP Modeling program was developed exclusively by Nelson Jones over a 10 year period. It is specially designed for beginner models those "right off the street", with the psychical attributes, mental capacities and possible perseverance qualities which will directly contribute to their success in this, the modeling industry.

The TOPOP Modeling program is a two day, 7 class production of which in person at our offices and studio cost a total of $700.00.

On line each class can be purchased individually, which includes a DVD with detailed step by step industry insider information designed for the models' benefit.

In addition to all TOPOP copyrighted materials for those individual classes are a certificate of completion of the class or program. Each class purchased will also include as a bonus, an autographed photograph of our director himself, Nelson Jones.

When you make the decision to walk toward your career in entertainment, you'll find the roadway to success to be paved with many a crooked individual w ho will make promise they can not fulfill. If you don't grow weary eventually you'll come upon the real deal and you know. You'll know because that person will walk the walk and talk the talk and then offer something more. That person will offer written proof of his accomplishments. He will be able to sit with you and determine which direction you should be headed. He will be able to show you other companies that have called and continue to call upon him for talent.In Atlanta there are but a few of the names I can think of that meet this stringent requirement. One is Nelson Jones. He is what the streets call the real deal. He is what I call legit. He is also. My friend. Trust him to take you to the top with TOPOP!

Kevin Stewart
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