Katie Wooton's Testimony

Katie Wooton was miles away from the nearest hospital emergency room and a step away from death when paramedics attending her administered what turned out to be a life-saving blood transfusion.

On Spring break, Katie and friends had gone to the lake for one final fun fling before their holiday ended. However, while standing in the boat to take off her skirt, a wake knocked her overboard where the boat's propeller severed her left arm, left Achilles tendon, broke her left fibula and tibia, and severely lacerated her left leg.

Katie lost a lot of blood and knew she was going to lose her arm. But while being life-flighted to the hospital, paramedics realized she was going to lose her life unless she received a blood transfusion.

The transfusion kept her alive long enough for doctors to stop her bleeding and tend to her wounds.

"Thank you, American Red Cross, and thanks to everyone who donates blood, and of course a special thanks to you Nelson. You saved my life. I Love You Nelson, Katie.