National Modeling & Fashion Industry Secrets CLASS

Professionally trained successful booking agent will lecture for 2 hours, having 15 years extensive experience in the entertainment industry and knowledge of local and secondary modeling markets.

Professional with variable credits, national references, having scouted, developed a training program with modeling concepts, principle photography, having been published in various national magazines, Rolling Stone, Vibe, Jet, Mundo Hispanico, Weekend Entertainment and others.

Successfully marketed 80 models through international local communities, with a 45% successful booking rate. Acquiring clients as Folders Coffee, Quaker Oats, Capital One Credit Card Company, Corona Beer, So So Def and others.

* Tutoring for all levels, beginners through advanced with an emphasis on the 5 categories of basic composite-card modeling photos. The difference between creative digitally enhanced photos, which get the model near naked and only, noticed by other photographers or that get models paid jobs.

* How digital photography and the merging industry of Re-touched photographs destroyed the intermediate modeling industry.

* Group Discussion and Q&A on the REAL Do's and Don'ts that stall modeling careers and the true advantages and disadvantages of selfmanagement. Why be with an agency, what agencies really do for models, which are legitimate, how to tell when they're not and how to successfully market you're self.

* Detailed step by step candid discussion of the lack of a fashion infrastructure in local markets similar to Atlanta, GA or Stockton, CA. What fashion is, how to understand influences, color sense~ fabric sense, and translate them into photography, marketing and advertising any new line, on a budget.

* The 10 key levels of players and their importance: most powerful editors, photographers, agents, make up artist, hair, catalog, retailers, directors, stylist and art directors in your city and how to make contact.

* The 10 Key Industry Must Have Books and Movies. The knowledge derived from, a brief History of the Modeling Industry, the 3 Golden Rules to Modeling, their importance and value of a Fashion education, how to get it and where.