In grade school at John Marshall we had regular nature field trips and visits from men and women from the Oakland Zoo which was next door to my house.

The caretakers would bring eagles and hawks for us to see and pet while explaining the importance of nature for mankind and wildlife.

After having attended several incredible summer camps as a kid through out northern California from Camp Shasta up in the mountains near the great Red Wood Forrest to Camp Lake Tahoe many years later where I was a camp counselor; my definitive camp experience I will never forget.

Run by former Franciscan monks, Camp Saint Francis was tucked in between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The ultimate camp experience with archery, hiking, camp fires on the beach and encircled by black bears was where I learned to surf.

Through the roughest periods in my life I could always pick up a Surfer magazine and immediately be lifted away back to those days of summer. As kids we adapted the habits of the older kids that had been to the camp before of reciting "Surfers never grow old, Surfers never die!"

Surfing has influenced every part of my life as I have embraced full heartedly my love of nature, wildlife and especially the ocean. I can not express completely with words the beauty of a sunrise over the Pacific Ocean or starring at the Ocean for hours along the Pacific Coast Highway.

I can not express with words alone the rush of seeing a real life dorsal fin, within less than twenty yards from the bogie and having no fear; feeling at one in the Ocean, almost aquatic or one with nature.

Finally I need not try and express my enormous gratitude to God for these experiences, like awaking on beaches all over America to photograph a sunset or simply to make love to a new blonde beauty.

The Surf Rider Foundation has the ultimate mission to preserve beaches and the greater ecology of the shores all over the world. I visit every week to read stories, view photos, and track storms or watch the perfect set on a web-camera around the world. Please support your planet now, while it continues to support us.