#3 Make-Up & Hygiene Class - - - - - - $200

In the Make-Up class a certified TOPOP estetician explains the ultimate importance of both drinking water and exercising regularly.

She also explains why TOPOP does only a high-key makeup application then she explains how the model can break it down into a low-key look and why even male models have make-up applied.

In the Make-Up class Nelson Jones devolves the Make-Up Test each certified M/U Artist must take before they can be hired and call themselves TOPOP.

The important questions he ask them like how to contour a nose, or aspects and characteristics of Asian skin, or Hispanic skin, or even their personal favorite M/U Artist and why or why washing and sanitizing their hands is so important. During the Make-Up class you actually see make-up performed correctly to TOPOP standards prior to a photo shoot.

Dear Nelson,
Thanks for the great time in Atlanta! I learned alot that day.... All the information you provided still has my head spin ning. I especially enjoyed the time you took with me in front of the camara.

Now every time my mom and I get in the car one will ask where are we going and both reply, " TO THE TOPPER MOST OF THE POPPER MOST!!!" on a personal note the Atlanta weekend and the trip to Nashville for the Paul Mitch ell audition has given my mon and I special time together. Talk to you soon.

Whitney ...I'm a TOPOP MODEL!!!
"The skin you have at thirty is the skin youth gave you; the skin you have at forty is the skin life gave you and honey, the skin you have at fifty is the skin you deserve."

"Beauty is an attitude. There's no secret. Why are all brides beautiful? Because on their wedding day they care about how they look ... "

"I never dreamed about success. I worked for it."

Este'e Lauder 1940