#2 The Model Release & Contracts Class - - - - - - $200

In the Model Release & Contracts class the model is schooled immediately into modeling as a business. Where they are openly, honestly, and clearly shown where their money goes as a complete break down resulting in the excellent team effort on their behalf.

Nelson Jones instructs models to keep a folder on their modeling activities including all signed documents, receipts and clippings. Nelson Jones articulately and wittingly explains the importance of the most basic contract in this industry; The Model Release. He gives examples of future importance of a model release and takes the time to educate the model about how their images will be marketed.

He explains his famous trademarked clause 'The Nature of the Photograph' and why this puts every parent at ease with TOPOP immediately and much more.

I met Nelson Jones in 1998 and I have now known him for the better of 9 years. At the time we met was owner of one of Atlanta’s top Hispanic advertising agencies. TOPOP was the only all Ethnic modeling agency in Atlanta, subsequently they played a key role for us on the Corona Beer account.

I remember time was of the essence in putting together a team of beautiful Hispanic models to represent the brand for a series of print media campaigns and promotions.

It’s great when you have to meet the highest standards required in the industry and to know there are people out there committed to what t hey do. Nelson and I are now close friends, though without a doubt he is an expert on the subject of the Modeling Industry, hands down! That kind of knowledge made our job easy and makes your clients happy.

Nelson Jones and TOPOP I highly recommend for your next project. Success is only measured by your results. TOPOP makes it happen!

Louis Rosas
Dos Rosas Marketing Group Inc.