#4 Fashion Styling Class - - - - - - $200

The Fashion Styling class is critical as it explains the 3 C's of Fashion Styling which are Complexion, Clothing, and Combined concept.

During this class Nelson Jones, in a very animated and hilarious way gives even more industry secrets to beginner models as he details what Art Directors and Fashion Stylist do and gives examples of how they collaborate.

In Fashion Styling the model is privy to exactly how to professionally match make-up and fashion chooses together.

Nelson Jones explains exactly what fashion means both literally and figuratively and the differences between street fashion, high fashion, and cloture. He breaks down the hierarchy of the importance of fashion designers, stylist, art directors, the ever important fashion editors, even the legitimate fashion schools, books, movies in our industry to pay attention to and why.

The Fashion Styling class is a must see as this class alone Nelson Jones based one of his most popular national seminars from. Come learn the secrets that will save years of time into your modeling career!

I worked as a TOPOP model from 1998-2001; a few years. Through TOPOP I received numerous amounts of work including print work,my first ever Music Video, as a feature in both OutKast's 'So Fresh So Clean' and Snoop Doggs' 'Lay Low' music videos, a major television commercial for T.B.S. featuring RUN D.M.C. which I meet while all three members of the group were alive, besides tons of promotional work like Flogers Coffee, Quaker Oats and the list went on.

I remember when I first meet Nelson, the TOPOP office was in his house, although he was very busy in those days he was polite. I will never forget seeing the expression on his face after he had a mandatory lunch meeting with my father prior to my being able to sign a TOPOP Modeling contract.

Nelson said, he had to buy my father lunch at Cafe' Tu'Tu' Tango and promised to be able to get me work, promised he was legitimate,and though to himself that I better be worth all the trouble. I went onto become the #1 African American TOPOP model during my years and have continued to maintain a positive relationship with Nelson Jones and the agency since leaving the business.

Nelson was always professional, he's really smart when it comes to the modeling business and fun to work with!

Working with TOPOP opened up doors for other opportunities as well; Because of my basic modeling education and understanding how this business works, I helped my mother to successfully create and open a high-end boutique called 'Champagne Taste' currently located in the East Atlanta Village.

We turned around nearly 10 years after my professional modeling days with TOPOP to becoming TOPOP clients ourselves by hiring handsome TOPOP male models for our grand opening and anniversaries. For further information on Champagne Taste Boutique.

India Simone Hendrix
#1 African American TOPOP Model, 1998-2001

"... After all. High Fashion is luxury - the luxury of the most beautiful fabrics, tailored to perfection; the luxury of the clothes, presentation at runway shows, beautifully orchestrated luncheons, or designers' showrooms; the luxury of having a lifestyle that permits one either the leisure to wear such clothes or the leisure to have opinions about them ..."

"... if we are to be good at what we do, we require as deep and thoughful an understanding of the history of dress as other people need of their fields ..."

"... the reasons people relate to my writing about fashion is that it isn't only about what's of the moment - that my knowledge of fashion is steeped in a knowledge of fashion history and history in general."

Andre' Leon Talley 2003