#6 Photography Critique & Review Class - - - - - - $200

The TOPOP Program is like no other as we specialize on each and every modeling fundamental. Nobody else does what the TOPOP program is designed to do, focusing toward the growing Ethnic market. At TOPOP we create the parameters for professional models in an intensive two day course.

Photography Critique& Review class happens the day after the models principle first 'Test shoot'. The model sits with the photographer as he no-holds barred explains what both himself and/or the model could improve upon. The photographer reviews the entire CD of raw images to its conclusion.

The photographer openly explains his mistakes and the fact that nearly 90% of all photographic mistakes are the photographers from light, to pre-cropping, posing technique, symmetry, Rule of Thirds, exposures, timing, composition, even to a fallen bang of hair in the models face.

In Photography Critique & Review class Nelson Jones himself shows us his 3 Tier system for determining and selecting the 5 composite card shots and how he selects the trademark 'Money Shot'.

Nelson Jones explains exactly what agents like him look for in the photographs which completely separate TOPOP from the pack of digitalized substandard photographers whom simply specialize in PhotoShop.

In Photography Critique & Review he does what few can by explaining the 5 categories of composite card elements which will always be relevant in this the modeling industry. At the conclusion of this class the model and the parent understand the direction of which the agency will market them and why they are then represented with an autographed 8x10 of their 'Money Shot' selected by Nelson Jones personally for the models portfolio book.

"Even twenty years from now Nelson Jones will be one of the most important figures in the m odeling industry, everyone knows he has an indescribable passion for it."

Seth Garcia
Acclaimed Awarding Winning
International Photographer

" I have had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Nelson Jones since his return to Atlanta back in early 2004. Upon meeting, I was already in business with H.O.P. and he gave me immediate respect, was genuinely happy to meet me, we reminisced on the old modeling days in Atlanta. Nelson is what I affectionately called one of the "Old Heads" and he calls us the best of the legit "New Jacks".

I believe he is one of the hardest working individuals in this business and is powerful because of his knowledge; he knows the business, so for Ethnic beginner models & model training...
You've always gotta' watch out....TOPOP is on the move."

Lyndon Winchester-
H.O.P. Models & Talent Agency