The TOPOP Guarantee

Let's be real-

Both the parent and the model of today are so misinformed that they are confused, when usually they are both sophisticated and savvy.

Nelson Jones found success long ago by straight talk guaranteeing the advantage to the model thorough a firm basic modeling education. He found that even when the model graduated to more prestigious clients or primary markets that the model always held TOPOP dear.

TOPOP creates a solid foundation of which character and life skills are represented and maintained long after the TOPOP modeling career is over.

Watch as your young adult's self confidence makes them conquers in unfamiliar situations or with handling rejection. Be confident that you saved both expense and more importantly time with buying the TOPOP program; you brought the core of the modeling business for a fraction of the cost , frustrations and lost years.

This is our guarantee,

Thank You,
Nelson Jones' TOPOP Model Management

"...I have come to believe that there is more misunderstanding, more misinformation about the profession of modeling than about any other.

Ninety-nine percent of the girls who come to me need to learn how to present themselves to greater advantage. A pretty face, nice figure and ambition are not enough. You must learn to make your assets work for you.
The employer will not stop to bother with the girl who means well. He takes the girl who knows her job."

John Robert Powers, 1941