#7 How 2 Get the Job from Castings, Auditions, Open Calls & Go-Sees Class - - - - $400

The collimation of the TOPOP program is an envied class by professional models and beginners alike.

In the How 2 Get the Job from Castings, Auditions, Open Calls and Go-Sees class Nelson Jones clearly explains the Do's and Don'ts to getting any modeling assignment. He explains the ever importance of an excellent portfolio and how to create one, how they change, what 'tear sheets' are, and when video bios are more appropriate.

Nelson Jones underscores the importance of only standing out by being on time, looking the part and being professional from before the model gets out of the car to the moment they drive away. Critical things that models should and should not say, should and should not wear at castings, auditions, open calls and go sees which make the difference.

He explains the importance of this step, how it should be thought of as an interview for models and how to determine which castings or auditions could be critical. He explains the difference between each and even colors or jewelry which should be avoided.

How 2 Get the Job from Castings, Auditions, Open Calls and Go-Sees class is sincerely worth the price of admissions alone.

Nelson Jones an expert on the subject of the entrance and history of the modeling industry for local markets takes great pride and care at helping models to achieve the ultimate result from the entire TOPOP Modeling Program which is not to simply get a modeling assignment but to be able to proudly proclaim them selves TOPOP Models!

"I had a lot of fun with Nelson during the photo shoot. It was fun because he made me laugh while teaching me the fundamentals of modeling - Studio 101, different types of language, 'The broad range of expressions', and the difference between candid shots and poses."

"I found Nelson Jones to be very conscientious about business. There was no question that he was not willing to answer. I found him to be extremely refreshing, and I believe my faith in his ability to act on my daughter's behalf in the modeling industry is not unfounded."

Belinda and Andrea Richardson
{1st TOPOP 2007 Model & Parents' comments}